The Patchwork Dogs


Given the name of our shop it may not come as a surprise that we have a couple of resident four-legged friends.

Freddie is the smallest member of the team here at The Patchwork Dog, and most peoples favourite reason to visit the shop. He has been hanging out here since he was just 7 weeks old and now at the grand old age of 5 and a half he is ruling the roost!

Freddie is a West Highland Terrier x Jack Russell but turned out to be much smaller than we can have ever imagined. He will be pottering around the shop for time to time so do watch your step when you come in, he is very very small!

As much as we all love Freddie, we felt there was room for more than one dog in our hearts so we’ve now recruited 18 month-old Myrtle, a proper-sized Poodle x Cavalier King Charles. She is considerably bigger than Little Fred and certainly makes her presence felt. She is still getting used to being in the shop, and whilst Freddie is training her up on customer service skills she may well welcome you with a nice big woof, but we can assure you its just her way of saying Hello.